Belt Drive Cycles


A belt-driven bike is the biggest change to your bike since your dad taught you to ride a bike. The belt drive  replaces the greasy chains for a clean and super strong carbon timing belt. If you like cycling (and not maintenance) then the belt drive is for you! Mountain bikers, touring cyclists, vacationers and commuter cyclists; everyone can now cycle without maintenance on the drive. Without that dirty, greasy and noisy chain.
Belt-Drive bicycles; for the smoothest ride in your life…

Belt-Drive recommends a combination with Rohloff gear hubs .
The Gates Carbon Belt-Drive is the first belt drive that does not stretch and does not require a tensioner. This makes the return the same as a chain. The combination of a Belt-Drive with the Rohloff hub is currently the most durable bicycle drive with the least maintenance.

Can gears be used in combination with. the belt?

Yes, the belt drive can be used in combination. with gears by means of a gear hub.
Take a Rohloff hub as an example.

What are the advantages of the belt drive?

Light weight – A belt is much lighter than a normal chain. The weight of a belt is 80gr.

No stretch – There is no stretch in the belt. This means you don’t have to re-tension or replace the belt because of the stretch.

Smooth running – The belt drive runs impressively smoothly, making it an ultimate plus for many people.

Silent – The belt drive cannot be heard when you are cycling, which makes all those beautiful sounds of nature even more enjoyable.

No lubrication required – The chain does not need to be oiled, this means more time for cycling and no more grease stains on your hands & clothes.

Open gears – The holes in the gears ensure that mud, sand, snow and other debris does not stand a chance and cannot suppress the cycling pleasure.

Are there any drawbacks to the leash?

Because a belt cannot be broken up and then reassembled, the belt drive requires a specially modified frame, with an opening for the belt to pass through.
The belt requires proper installation, the belt must be perfectly aligned and must have a clean tension to avoid skipping.

Unfortunately, it is also not possible to use the belt in combination. derailleur gears.

What temperatures can the belt drive handle?

-53 ° C
t / m
85 ° C

What is my belt made of and can direct sunlight damage my belt?

The belt is made of polyurethane, not rubber.
Polyurethane is resistant to UV and weather influences.

Your belt will not be damaged by direct sunlight.