New Products from Gates

Gates now offers five distinct Carbon Drive product families for bikes and eBikes, with an even wider range of performance and price: CDC, SideTrack, CDX:EXP, CDX, and CDN.

Amidst Global Surge in Bicycle Demand, Gates Carbon Drive Launches New Sprockets and Carbon-Fiber Belt Drive Products to the Bike Industry

– New CDC sprockets feature new tooth design & coating for electric bikes
– New SideTrack line brings low-maintenance belt drivetrain to leisure bicycles
– New CDX:EXP sprockets feature high-strength construction for adventure cyclists

DENVER, JUNE 2, 2020 — The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a surge in global demand for bicycles and eBikes as a preferred way to travel in crowded cities and exercise while social distancing.1,2 In response, Gates (NYSE: GTES), a leading global provider of fluid power and power transmission solutions, is launching a wide range of new products for bicycle & eBike commuters, recreational riders and adventurists alike.

Building on a 40-year legacy of designing & manufacturing belt-drives as a lower-maintenance, rust-free, quieter and stronger alternative to chain drives for two-wheelers, Gates Carbon Drive is refreshing its overall product portfolio with the new CDC & SideTrack™ lines, and an expanded CDX:EXP line.

“These new products show our commitment to advancing how the world moves,” says Joe Menzel, general manager of Gates Carbon Drive & global mobility. “The innovation will allow use of Gates belt drives on an even wider range of electric bikes & bicycles, which is especially important now as urban populations shift from public transit to personal mobility options.”

Gates Carbon Drive CDC system for eBikesThe CDC line with next-generation CenterTrack™ design, features a new patent-pending aluminum sprocket design, coating and tooth profile for optimized value and durability. Designed for leisure and light-commuter style mid-motor eBikes with ≤50 N-m torque, CDC will enable more consumers to experience the advantages of the Gates Carbon Drive system.

Gates Carbon Drive CDC front sprocket
Detail of the new CDC CenterTrack tooth profile

The CDC line of sprockets paired with CDX belt will initially be compatible with Bosch Active Line and Active Line Plus, and Shimano E5000 and E6100 motors. With 20 different spider assembly options and ten rear sprockets for internally-geared and single speed hubs, CDC covers the most popular drivetrain sizes.

The SideTrack system is a new solution designed specifically for manufacturers of entry-level performance and leisure bikes with few gears. It’s intended for seasonal, recreational cyclists looking for their first belt-driven bike. The SideTrack system features flanged front and rear sprockets is paired with the proven 11mm pitch Gates belt, constructed with carbon fiber cord & HNBR polymer. SideTrack is designed for use with most single-speed & 3-speed internally geared hubs.


Finally, the CDX:EXP line is expanding to include three new sprockets made of high-hardness, high-strength steel or aluminum for use with Rohloff internally geared hubs & Pinion gearboxes. Featuring the patented original CenterTrack design, these sprockets enable even bigger all-weather adventuring over the toughest trails and harshest environments.


With these expansions, Gates now offers five distinct Carbon Drive product families for bikes and eBikes, with an even wider range of performance and price: CDC, SideTrack, CDX:EXP, CDX, and CDN. SideTrack will initially only be available to OEMs. To learn more about products from Gates Carbon Drive, visit

About Gates
Gates is a global manufacturer of innovative, highly engineered power transmission and fluid power solutions. Gates offers a broad portfolio of products to diverse replacement channel customers and to original equipment (“first-fit”) manufacturers as specified components. Gates participates in many sectors of the industrial and consumer markets. Gates products play essential roles in a diverse range of applications across a wide variety of end markets ranging from harsh and hazardous industries such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing and energy, to everyday consumer applications such as printers, power washers, automatic doors and vacuum cleaners, and virtually every form of transportation. Gates products are sold in 128 countries across four commercial regions: the Americas; Europe, Middle East and Africa; Greater China; and East Asia and India. More about Gates can be found at

1 New York Times, May 18, 2020, “Thinking of Buying a Bike? Get Ready for a Very Long Wait”
2 World Resources Institute, April 17, 2020, “Biking Provides a Critical Lifeline During the Coronavirus Crisis”

Belt Drive Cycles


A belt-driven bike is the biggest change to your bike since your dad taught you to ride a bike. The belt drive  replaces the greasy chains for a clean and super strong carbon timing belt. If you like cycling (and not maintenance) then the belt drive is for you! Mountain bikers, touring cyclists, vacationers and commuter cyclists; everyone can now cycle without maintenance on the drive. Without that dirty, greasy and noisy chain.
Belt-Drive bicycles; for the smoothest ride in your life…

Belt-Drive recommends a combination with Rohloff gear hubs .
The Gates Carbon Belt-Drive is the first belt drive that does not stretch and does not require a tensioner. This makes the return the same as a chain. The combination of a Belt-Drive with the Rohloff hub is currently the most durable bicycle drive with the least maintenance.

Can gears be used in combination with. the belt?

Yes, the belt drive can be used in combination. with gears by means of a gear hub.
Take a Rohloff hub as an example.

What are the advantages of the belt drive?

Light weight – A belt is much lighter than a normal chain. The weight of a belt is 80gr.

No stretch – There is no stretch in the belt. This means you don’t have to re-tension or replace the belt because of the stretch.

Smooth running – The belt drive runs impressively smoothly, making it an ultimate plus for many people.

Silent – The belt drive cannot be heard when you are cycling, which makes all those beautiful sounds of nature even more enjoyable.

No lubrication required – The chain does not need to be oiled, this means more time for cycling and no more grease stains on your hands & clothes.

Open gears – The holes in the gears ensure that mud, sand, snow and other debris does not stand a chance and cannot suppress the cycling pleasure.

Are there any drawbacks to the leash?

Because a belt cannot be broken up and then reassembled, the belt drive requires a specially modified frame, with an opening for the belt to pass through.
The belt requires proper installation, the belt must be perfectly aligned and must have a clean tension to avoid skipping.

Unfortunately, it is also not possible to use the belt in combination. derailleur gears.

What temperatures can the belt drive handle?

-53 ° C
t / m
85 ° C

What is my belt made of and can direct sunlight damage my belt?

The belt is made of polyurethane, not rubber.
Polyurethane is resistant to UV and weather influences.

Your belt will not be damaged by direct sunlight.